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Prepare For Your Appointment

Please have your vehicle cleaned, both inside and out, prior to your appointment as it is very important to the success of your application. 

Please remove extra items or debris from your vehicles interior to help with your application.

*Excessive dust, dirt, and/ or pet hair may be subject to additional charges.

Application/ Curing

Window film is an aftermarket film applied to your vehicle’s glass with a slip solution. This solution is squeegeed out by hand once applied. Most of the solution is extracted at this point, the film’s adhesive side begins to bond to the glass. The minimal remaining moisture begins to cure out.

Drying Time

*Warmer temperatures= (1-5 days typically)

*Colder temperatures= (7-30 Days depending how cold outside)

Window Use

DO NOT ROLL DOWN YOUR WINDOWS FOR 2-3 Days After Installation!

Haziness | Blistering | Streaks | Blotchiness

Haziness, Blistering, Streaks, and Blotchiness during this cure process. 100% normal, do not touch!


Cleaning- Your new window tinting is scratch resistant NOT SCRATCH PROOF! When cleaning your windows, a good soft microfiber rag and a spray foam glass cleaner, (Spray Away) our favorite, works best for a streak free finish.

Minor Imperfections

Minor Imperfections are nearly inevitable in any aftermarket tint installation. We strive for a “perfect” tint installation with our professional preparation, install procedures, and clean shop. 
Due to the nature of the product and means of installation, there will always be a chance of tiny imperfections in any install. Tiny particles in the air and water, flaws and tiny burs on the glass or defrosters can trap tiny amounts
of air.
*Any preexisting scratches or flaws in the glass can be accentuated with the dark background of film on the glass.

Dot Matrix

Dot Matrix is raised ceramic or teflon beads on the glass, typically bordering fixed windows. This is used to hide trim lines and edges where adhesive is used to hold the glass. Once film is installed over these raised surfaces, it will have a clear white finish as it does not lay in between the raised surfaces. This is normal. If the dot matrix band is large and wide, it can have an uneven look and be difficult for film to adhere.


Maintenance- Keep your bottom window seals clean and free from dust, dirt, & debris. These little granules can get trapped in the seal and cause etching in the film when rolled up and down.

Enjoy the benefits of your new window tinting!

  •  (Protecting your skin and interior)99% UV Ray Protection

  • Glare and heat reduction for a much better driving experience!

  • Safety from glass shattering in the event of a collision or theft, added privacy, style, and class to your vehicle.




Before and After Your Appointment

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